Objectives of Accounting Department

General Objectives

The general objective of the department is to produce qualified people who can meet the national and global needs in accounting and auditing.

Specific Objectives

To produce qualified accountants who can

  • handle general accounts
  • apply cost accounting
  • prepare budget
  • produce financial reports
  • undertake examination of records (auditing)
  • make better financial decisions
  • analyze information for planning and control
  • prepare project proposal, and appraisal
The Activities / Tasks to be performed by the Department
  1. Provide short – term training and workshops for both internal and external users.
  2. Establish relationship with similar academic institutions to share experience and solve common academic problems.
  3. Create smooth relationship with employers in order to
    • assess their manpower requirement and evaluate course offerings
    • find job opportunities for graduates
  4. Arrange opportunities for staff development and research activities.