Student Registration, and Orientation

Student Registration

  1. Applicants who secure admission to Unity University College shall register on the date specified by the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Students must register in person. In an event a student cannot be present in person during registration, permission to register by proxy must be obtained from the AVP or the Dean of the Faculty/School
  3. A student cannot attend classes without completing registration formalities.
Registration of Freshman Students
  1. Students must produce the cash receipt indicating the amount of money they have paid for the courses they will take in the first year first semester.
  2. Students shall complete the appropriate course registration forms specifying the course titles, course numbers, periods, classrooms, sections, etc.
  3. Students shall present the completed forms in triplicate to their academic advisor and get his/her signature.
  4. Students shall then take the forms to the registration desk and get the registrar’s seal on the forms filled in triplicate, and submit one of the forms to the Office of the Registrar, one to his/her department and should keep one with her/him.
  5. The registration would be incomplete if a student misses any one of the above stages in the registration process.
  6. The registration process is only considered complete when the seal of the Registrar is stamped on the registration slip.
Registration of All Other (Non Freshman) Students
  1. The Office of the Registrar shall issue grade reports for the semester and submit them to the respective departments at least a day before the registration.
  2. A student shall collect his/her grade report from his/her respective department by presenting a valid ID card.
  3. A student shall complete the registration slip in triplicate consisting of the courses that he/she will take in that particular semester.
  4. Then, he/she shall pay for the courses listed in the registration slip and present the cash receipt along with the forms to his/her academic advisor and get his/her signature.
  5. Finally, he/she shall take the forms to the Office of the Registrar to get the seal. The registration process shall be considered incomplete without the seal of the Registrar.


Orientations on the following major topics will be given to all new students. The Office of the Registrar will organize an orientation program for each batch of incoming students on the following topics by officers of the UUC.

  1. The University College (its history, mission, vision, organizational structure) by the President or the Academic Vice President
  2. The various fields of study by the heads of the relevant/responsible departments
  3. Registration, admission, and graduation requirements by the Office of the Registrar
  4. Library services, rules and regulations and facilities by the Librarian
  5. Rules and regulations of UUC by the Academic Vice President and Deans
  6. Student services, facilities, rights and responsibilities by the Dean of Students